About Us

The entity of LIFE YOGA was created to educate and soulfully inspire all beings on their paths of life. The intensive LIFEYOGA YSI  650 hour teacher training, LIFE LEADERS, and LIFE AID, were all developed as tools to bring transformative yogic teachings to the world, and give yogis and non yogis alike tangible practices that they can apply to their life experience.

LIFEYOGA began a few years back as founder Lynne Gardner was developing what is now the intensive LIFEYOGA YSI TEACHER TRAINING. As she worked to create a system to train yoga teachers to have extensive knowledge as well as integral skills, she discovered that simply offering LIFEYOGA super teachers out into the world was not quite enough. Fantastic forward thinking knowledgeable teachers yes,….very important yes;  but what about all of the people out there in the world craving transformation who would never walk into a yoga studio or read a book on expansion theory, or take a moment or have a moment to be in and realize the power of their own soul? What about those beings who feel stranded in the corporate world, and the corporate executives who would love to facilitate positive transformation in their companies? What about all of the entrepreneurs of the world who strive constantly to facilitate abundance and world change; but lack the awareness of the power of their own souls and the  transformational tools necessary to manifest  their dreams in the physical world? What about the disconnect between traditional western medicine and the power of the intentions of the breath and the soul when healing the physical body? Why are disadvantaged children not being empowered by the abundance of their own souls? With all the yoga and the scientific information that is readily available out in the world; why are so many beings still unaware or fearful of the power of their own souls, and their ability to create personal and world transformation?

 Quite obviously, there exist some great gaps and barriers between this power of yogic and transformational information, and our world’s humans’ ability to ingest and digest this information and make it an integral part of their lives. At LIFEYOGA, we decided it was time to create a pathway from scientific information and yogic philosophy to the mind and body of the everyday human.

It is the goal of LIFEYOGA to offer the world a bridge that connects the power of the spiritual world with physical being and manifestation in everyday life; to bring yoga and transformational skills to the world in a manner that they can apply and integrate them.  We feed yoga to the world in a way that the world can understand it and perceive the value of it, and utilize it. LIFEYOGA is not about the idea of transformation. LIFEYOGA is about creating and being transformation in and through everyday moment to moment life experience. Rather than simply teaching cognitive concepts and mindsets, or historic approaches to enlightenment; LIFEYOGA teaches a way of being in these transformative ideologies. Once these conscious and subconscious feelings and ways of being are integrated into the breath and the nervous system of the individual, the power of the transformative world of collective consciousness becomes readily accessible. Concept and vision become reality. I and We create our world!

LIFEYOGA is constantly seeking new and innovative ways to bring yoga to the world. Through the power of the internet, LIFEYOGA books, videos, teaching tools, entrepreneurial and corporate education, and fundraising for LIFE AID projects, we facilitate an environment for personal growth and world change. Please feel free to visit us on the blog, or contact us about any of our information or programs. Please let us know how we can best serve your needs.

Many smiles,