LIFEYOGA Philosophy

LIFEYOGA merges traditional yogic philosophy with the science of expansion theory, creating a dynamic integrative practice that thrives in constant expansion and soulful manifestation.  LIFEYOGA is a practice: a way of being that inspires and requires expansion of the soul from the inside out; through the physical body, the physical world, and out into collective consciousness.  LIFEYOGA utilizes the gifts of our being: the intention of the breath, the art of the physical body, and the diverse perceptions of life experience as tools to create awareness in this constant instantaneous transformation called life.  Through the practice of LIFEYOGA, we learn to soulfully choose and be the transformations that we are experiencing.  We release that which does not serve us; we embody the all that is love.  We create and manifest the realities of our own lives, our own being.  We create our world.

As participants in this human condition called life, we are all experiencing constant instantaneous transformation. In essence of being life, we are all transforming every moment. However, because we are somewhat "trapped" by the conditions of the human body, we simply lack the perceptive awareness to perceive these transformations, embrace them, and choose them. Through the rise of the science of quantum physics and expansion theory, it is now scientific fact that our intentions and perceptions, our feelings and our essence of being, create our realities: the realities of our physical bodies, the physical world; the realities of the collective consciousness of the world at large. That which we believe and perceive; we create. In LIFEYOGA, we use soulful intention, breath, and asana to break through limiting perceptions of the human condition, and literally re-program the nervous system. This allows humans beings to be in a way that  releases destructive perception and action, and embodies soulful intention and love.Transformations are now chosen in awareness. In the very act of being human, we create what we are…our being…. our life, our world!

The traditional practices of yoga teach us to be in yoga: the yoking or union of the soul with the self, the self with other and the physical world, and finally, the self with higher collective consciousness or Brahman. These practices of yoga teach us how to be the science of the universe; how to be in our bodies and the physical world in a way that inspires transformation not only of the individual, but of collective consciousness itself. LIFEYOGA practices utilize the tools of the physical body, most importantly the breath and the neurological systems, to build bridges between the conscious and subconscious world. Eventually, with practice, these complex bridges allow us to constantly connect, feel, and be in the constant ebb, flow, and power of this subconscious world of universal energy. Once actively participating in this logos or constant expansion and transformation, we can learn to soulfully choose and direct this power with conscious choice. Impossibility becomes possible, and the possibilities are endless.

 Life and yoga are one, interchangeable in their processes, constantly expanding from the inside out in endless transformation. We live in Life Yoga. LIFEYOGA is here to soulfully inspire and transform all beings on their paths of life!