Meet Lynne Gardner

As far back as I can remember, my life’s process has been Expansion, Intention, Manifestation of Energy in to Being. Let me explain.    

At age ten, quite unaware, I fell off the cliff of my childhood disability and into the depths of the practice of yoga. With the innocent wisdom and persistent practice of a child, I intuitively willed and breathed my physical body and being to transform into the self that my soul’s intention desired. I breathed impossibility possible. As my teenage years came to a close, I had transformed the crippling disability of severe scoliosis into a lengthy subtle spine.

     At the time, I had no idea what the term “yoga” meant, much less its history, formal practices, or connotations: but I felt yoga, I knew yoga, and the gift and the power of it. I felt the ability to take my soulful intentions, and expand them through my physical body and thoughts and out into the world. I knew that the power of my soul, my breath, my being, could create and manifest my self and my world in whatever manner it chose. I was fascinated by it, this energy, this power of intention, whatever it was; and as I grew in years, I set out to define it.

     I searched for this life energy everywhere. I practiced the arts of music and dance. I was constantly awed by the soulful connections that bled out from my being and the beings of others as we expanded from the inside out manifesting obvious intangible creativity. I studied the tools of the physical body and the physical world. I delved deep into the structure and energetic world of anatomy and kinesiology, and wrapped my mind around and through the sciences of quantum physics and expansion theory. I possessed, and still do, an insatiable appetite for all books and knowledge philosophical, and I voraciously read and studied Eastern Philosophies, Western Philosophies, Religious Philosophies, Human Psychologies, Life Philosophies, and pretty much anything that relates to Being in life. I was searching for an answer, a clue, some way to explain this transfer of soulful energy through the physical world; some way to truly understand soulful consciousness and the human condition.

     And as I traveled through this search, no accident, one day the great moment arrived, and my path led me to discover the practice and teachings of yoga proper. I was dumbfounded that this yoga, this gift I had been experiencing for all these years, Expansion, Intention, Manifestation of Energy into Being actually had a name. Yoga! I was elated! I began practicing and studying all the schools and styles of yoga I could find.

      I have had the good fortune to interact and study with many fabulous beings; Yoganand and Stephan Cope and their depth of wisdom, Amit Goswami who breathes expansion and world vision, Tias Little and his laser eye of the body, Eric Schiffman and his creative genius,  John Friend with his genuine kindness and yogic ingenuity, Seane Corn and her unabashed audacity to Be in the world and Be change, Les Brown …an inspirational living reality check, and most importantly, my friends, my family and my daughter Desiree and their uncanny ability to expand my moment to moment practice where it really matters….life.

     In time, my path led me through a few degrees, a few certifications, and a lot of doing my best to share the beauty and the power of yoga and life with other beings.  I began teaching in the 1990’s, both as a professor of music and a yoga teacher, and my students and yoga therapy clients became my daily lessons, my teachers. I took yoga where ever I could; to corporate America, to entrepreneurs, to my college students; to pretty much anyone who would feel and listen.

    Eventually, my students then asked me to give them my knowledge and teach them to be teachers. I was a bit taken aback. I thought to myself, “How can I teach another the knowledge that is my own inquisition, my own question of the transformative power of yoga? How can I be in a way that teaches someone how to be inspiration to others? How can I breathe my soulful sense of this power of yoga make a difference in the expansive collective consciousness of humankind? Big inquisitions! I was completely humbled.

     And so, as a scholarly child of formally educated parents, I did what came naturally. I ran for the tools; the books, the theories, the philosophies, the respected schools of yoga; all the things and facts that I had spent years studying in an attempt to understand my own yogic experience. As I tried in vain to define a way of being and teaching by these tools, I soon came to realize that this knowledge, these tools in all their validity, were simply that….tools. The path of my yoga was not held in the tools themselves, but in the ways of thinking and being in these tools and applying them to life. The path I had to share was the path of my life experience: Expansion, Intention, Manifestation of Energy into Being…..Life….Yoga …LIFE YOGA.

      In the past few years, this intention of LIFE YOGA has manifested the LIFE YOGA YSI 650 hour teacher training (Yoga Alliance registered), the “Wheel of LIFE”, the book “LIFE YOGA….Inside Out Transformations”, the LIFE LEADERS yoga for entrepreneurs program, and most recently LIFE YOGA AID which brings aid to various life education projects.

     Ultimately, LIFE YOGA exists and thrives because I passionately love to share the practice of yoga as it integrates with daily moment to moment life. I truly believe and have experienced that transformation is instantaneous, from the soul through the physical body and world and out into collective consciousness. I trust that all beings deserve the opportunity to learn to be in a way that inspires self realization and world change, and I want to be in and help manifest that change.

     And so it is that presently, I live at beautiful Lake Tahoe, California, with my partner Dave and my awesome daughter Desiree`. I love the mountains, the fresh air, the trees, the beach, the snow, and all the beautiful beings with whom I get to share my time. I live, I breathe, I yoga, and teach and travel and write, and every day I feel gratitude for the path I have chosen, and the many paths I may come to cross.

 Smiles and many namastes,


*Lynne Gardner is a yoga alliance registered ERYT level 500.