I woke up this morning to the smiles of my big baby girl, and a bit of frost on the windows. In full crazy three-year-old fashion, the little being jumped up in the bed and cried  “Look mama! The sun is shining! It’s a beautiful day for the beach!”

“Maybe a better day for a hike and a cup of tea”, I replied. “It’s getting a bit cold for the beach! It’s freezing out there! The seasons are always changing little one! The fall is here!”

“Its not cold mama! The sun is out! “, she exclaimed as she saw summer through the frost. “I really want to go to the beach! I just want to swim!”

In time, after a few morning snuggles, we rolled out of the warm bed, lit the furnace, and made a nice hot breakfast. After an hour of conversation about waves, sand, and rafts, Desiree looked up at the windows and said, “Look Mama! No ice! Its warm! Its sunshine! Lets go!”

Unable to argue expansive soulful intention, I found myself quite defenseless. With the innocent tenacity of a young child, she managed to load me into the car, and drive me to the nearest rocky beach on the shores of Lake Tahoe. I had been able to negotiate a few layers of warm fleece out of the deal, as well as a kiss sealed verbal contract that stated we would vacate the beach before hypothermia set in. In my mind, I had done the best that I could to winterize her summer day.

 It was a blazing thirty- five degrees when we arrived at the summer beach. In a furious frenzy of excitement, the wild little thing wrapped her warm summer day in a blanket of winter clothes and a woolen hat, and joyfully popped out of the car. She ran directly to the waters edge, and assessed the awesome landscape. By the time I arrived at the shore, she had kicked off her winter shoes, and had begun testing the waters with her tiny toes. “Its not so cold mama”, she said as she watched the last morning steam rise from the water, “but no waves….maybe not the best surfing.”

 I smiled, thankful that I had left her favorite “surfboard” in the car anyway, and coaxed her to come sit beside me and enjoy a snack. We munched on a few bites of seasonal apple, and began playing the ageless game of tossing rocks into the water. As the fall sun slowly crawled a bit higher in the summer sky, we laughed and threw time polished stones for about a three-year-old hour. Then suddenly, Desiree took a small shiny black rock and held it to her baby cheek. “Oh mama”, she cried amazed, “even the rocks are getting warm! What a beautiful day for swimming!”

In the blink of an eye, she jumped up, and ran into the water. She stopped as the water hit her knees as I cried, “Desiree! You’re getting your fleece wet!”

Quick to find a solution, the avid problem solver mindfully walked back to the shore for an instant, dropped her pants, panties and all, and waded back into the water with her bare bottom. She turned back to look at me and said in her most grown up sophisticated matter of fact voice, “Actually Mama, the water feels quite warm! Its nice!”

I laughed to myself in my educated sophisticated adult mind as I reached into the backpack for the emergency towel, “Yeah….I’m sure fifty-five degree water does feel like a warm bath when the air is about forty two.”

 I watched the crazy little body stand and splash in the frigid water for a few more fully mature moments. Eventually, my maternal instinct kicked in and I called “Desiree…Are you freezing yet?”

  “No Mama”, she called back, “Don’t worry! I have my warm hat on!”

She turned her little head towards the shore, gave me a big smile, and with a twinkle of an eye she proceeded to jump into the water like a fish, bare bottom, winter hat and all.

When she finally surfaced, she sputtered “See Mama! I dunked and swam just like a fishi!”She then began prancing her little frozen meatcicle, dripping woolen head and all towards the shore. The closer she got, the faster she got, and by the time she reached dry land, she was running full speed. I thought she was running straight for the towel I was holding for her, but instead, she ran right past me like a bull in a stadium and flopped her belly down on the rocks. She wiggled and squirmed, burying herself in the warm sun warmed stones. I knelt down beside her and covered the little remaining exposed flesh with the towel. She smiled up at me a smile of true bliss, and then closed her eyes, soaking in the heat of the moment.

I watched her there for sometime. I felt humbled and amazed. This seemingly fragile little being had, in just a few hours, managed to take her soulful intention, truly release into it, have faith in it, and manifest into the world; creating her world to fit her intention. Her soulful desire melted through the frost, wrapped a summer day in a pile of fleece, drew a steaming bath in a fifty-five degree lake, and made a warm bed out of a pile of rocks. Her expansive perception and the heartfelt belief in her intention had allowed her to allow the world to manifest her day by her design.

As I watched the little mermaid nap in her cozy bed, I basked in the summer sun. I began to question myself, my life, my yoga. “How many days and moments have I allowed my heart felt intention to be frozen by my perceptions of ‘What is possible?’ Does a simple layer of frost or a drop of cold water make me veer away from my soulful sense and force me to steer myself in an easier, seemingly more practical direction? How many summer days have I missed, and allowed the world to miss by my reliance on my sophisticated adult knowledge of how the world works and how the seasons change? How can I, with the innocence of a child, through my breath, my body, and my being manifest my imagination, my intention, my world, and make it reality?”I breathed in a deep breath of the beauty that surrounded me, exhaled, and smiled….LIFEYOGA, once again.

 Desiree opened an eye from her summers dream, looked up and said,

“Thanks for taking me to the beach Mama. I think we should go for some tea!”

 As the summer sun began to fade in the late fall afternoon, we piled on our fleece and headed up the beach towards the car. The warm little mermaid grabbed my hand and cried excitedly, “Lets tomorrow Mama go for a long hike!”

I laughed to myself…..”I can only imagine what that means!”

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