Share the Love

This morning, in my rush to take my daughter to pre -school and grab the fixings to make the killer holiday appetizer, I could feel the frustration of the holiday season kicking in. I had just arrived home from a few months of traveling, and was thrown straight from the Thai beaches into the holiday mountain freeze.  My patience with parties and presents, cards and social obligations was a bit tested. There was so much to do….so little time. Right now, I just needed to get out of the house and on my way.


 Wreaths of anxiety grabbed at my breath as I tried in vain to find the missing partner of my warmest boots. As I plowed through the shoe basket I realized it was to be a day of cold feet. Bhurr! In a last minute act of desperation, I was forced to grab my old hiking shoes.  As I moved a well traveled shoe towards my foot, out poured a beautiful little mountain of sand…..Thai sand.


“Great!” I thought, “The gift that keeps on giving!”

I was in that moment, disgusted by the sight of one more mess I had to clean up in all the holiday mayhem. I simply did not have time for all this giving!

I took in a deep breath and let out a sigh, and a funny thing happened.


My eyes closed and my fingers were drawn to caress the sand on the floor.  In the very next moment, I could smell the ocean breeze and taste the salt as I swam through the surf with my little daughter! I felt the warm feeling of sharing time and love with my family. I felt the sensation of overwhelming gratitude that I was able to travel someplace warm that allowed me to come back and face the cold. I realized, as I stared out at the snow that the freezing cold hard reality of it all is that the holidays are really about sharing the love. It wasn’t about winning my battle with the act of giving, but about me being in the love I had to offer. Suddenly, the details of presents and social engagements now became just another worldly situation to experience, something to smile about. As for the cold, I began to feel that a warm fire would suffice.


After a few moments groveling in shoes, sand, and appetizer dilemmas, I felt an overwhelming desire to share the love of the holidays with everyone…my friends, my family, my clients and students! The best thing that I can give is my knowledge and my yoga! If you want to share the love, and help Project Mana,…..check this out!


Smiles and Happy Holidays,


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