EGO AND THE SOUL OF THE ONION - March 28, 2014 - 4:20am

Raw onions always make me cry…they always have. .    The problem is…I really love them…the bold honesty of their flavor… their biting acidity coupled with that unmistakable unique spiciness that is somehow wrapped into gentle loving sweet warmth as to not completely offend, yet teeter on the edge of abrasiveness. Raw. Yes. Despite his characteristic tear jerking presence, there lies a great beauty in the soul of an onion. The onion begins and ends with what he is. As he grows and transforms from his center into fullness of being, he winds his soulful intention around himself in intricate genius; layer after layer, every…

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Thanks for Opting In! - November 3, 2013 - 8:17pm

Thanks So Much For Opting Into My Site!   This may NOT be like any other List you are currently opted into!   WHY?   Because within the next several days, I am going to be sending you a few emails...and these emails are going to be chock-fiull of information intended to help you with: Transformative Empowerment Breath and Nervous System Injury Prevention Injury Recovery Anatomy and Kinesiolgy of Yoga Postures Teacher Training Tips and More!…

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POWER OF STORY - October 30, 2013 - 4:27am

Until recently, I never really told my story… at least not my real, true story. Of course, I gave out my historical timeline, the linear dissertation of my life events; my childhood, education, and my employment and family history; and yet, I never really shared with the world my life path: the unique and personal life experiences that have created me, and the gifts that I share with the world. Until NOW... As a yoga therapist, yoga teacher, music professor, speaker, and parent, I always felt that the focus of teaching and conversation was best directed to the “stories” of the student. Until recently, I didn’t soulfully…

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INTENTION - September 15, 2013 - 8:43pm

  INTENTION    In the ever-expanding world of yoga practices, meditation, religious beliefs, self-help, psychology, and quantum physics, as creative humans being we are constantly searching for the meaning and the power of our intentions, our purpose, our causal force. It seems, that with all of the attention around this buzzword…….. INTENTION!...... and the apparent power of it, ……that we might take a moment…. Stop….. and ask the questions….     Read More

LAWS OF GRATITUDE - September 12, 2013 - 6:01am

LAWS OF GRATITUDE   LETS FACE IT.......   Its not always easy to really feel thankful! Many times, as humans being, we don’t even see or feel the purpose of being in gratitude! Like it or not, on some level, our nervous systems and thoughts are operating in the realm of “enough or not enough” in every given instant. Its no wonder that sometimes its quite difficult for humans to actually feel and be in gratitude and contentment.  Feeling < grateful! No worries!  Fortunately and unfortunately, this constant dichotomy of “half full half empty” can be blamed,…

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