Raw onions always make me cry…they always have.


 The problem is…I really love them…the bold honesty of their flavor… their biting acidity coupled with that unmistakable unique spiciness that is somehow wrapped into gentle loving sweet warmth as to not completely offend, yet teeter on the edge of abrasiveness.

Raw. Yes.

Despite his characteristic tear jerking presence, there lies a great beauty in the soul of an onion.

The onion begins and ends with what he is. As he grows and transforms from his center into fullness of being, he winds his soulful intention around himself in intricate genius; layer after layer, every moment becoming simply more of what he is; Pure Raw Intention. While the layers of his brilliant fleshy creation mold his perceived volume and shape, he constantly grows and expands from the inside out. Never, in any less than a second, does he consider creating himself from the sleek outer layer of his protective crusty skin…He is what he is and he becomes from what he is….

RAW ONION…. take it or leave it.

It is no wonder that this brash beauty is so often used in yogic philosophy as a symbol for the relationship between the human soul and constructs of the ego. Like the infamous onion, we too, as humans being construct our ego, our external layers of perceived self, from the inside out. We too, in awareness or not, are constantly becoming more of what we are… more of the rawness of our soulful intentions and breath…

And yet…while the ever glorious onion would never consider transforming himself from the somewhat juiceless external layers of his skin, as humans being, our approach to transformation often lies in the perception that we must first and foremost peel away the outer layers of our ego …our thought processes, our perceptions, our external musculature, our physicality, our perceived “limitations”, before we can access the causal energy of our raw being.

The reality is that as we obsess with transforming the layers of our bodies and life, the only thing that is truly causal of anything in our multi faceted “perceived existence” is the center energy of our “inner onion”…our soul, our breath... our subconscious feeling and knowing. As humans, we are so often so absorbed in peeling away the imitations of our outer layers that we forget to be in the reality that our true transformative power lies in our raw acidic center…the realness of our soul and breath. As hard as we may try to create transformation from the outside in; like the onion, the external skin of ego and self will continue to bind and hold its shape until the growth from the juiciness and wealth of our center energy begins to transform it from the inside out.

Not to say that the search for awareness of the layers of ego is a useless endeavor, as the outer layers of the onion or the human are always the direct result and reflection of the innermost workings of the causal energy of the soul. From our outer layers we can see how we have manifested from our innermost causal being. This knowledge of “how and what we are manifesting” can give us great insight into the raw power and character of our soul. Sometimes this information is, in itself, enough to make even the boldest of onions cry…

So the next time you are fortunate enough to peel and slice an onion… tear up… feel the love and heat and embrace it! Notice the sweet and spicy raw energy of its center causal energy and embrace your own breath and soul…

 THAT is truly transformative!

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