Gathering Greatness

  I pull myself out the screen door, warm chai in hand, out into the crisp morning air. I look for my favorite early morning sunny spot, only to find a cool patch of shade there. The sun has shifted again, and I can feel the fall falling towards winter. I clasp my hands tightly around the warm mug as I notice that some of the green leaves of the aspens have silently turned to yellow…… And then it begins…


The chirps, the chatters, that undeniable indefinable series of high pitched squeaks and squeals that can only belong to them. The branches of the trees begin to shiver and bounce with the weight of them, and in an instant, the entire backyard comes alive with tiny claws and fluffy tails running wildly from tree to tree in desperate search of that prized juicy morsel, that perfect nut or snack that will be a banquet in a blizzard. Every few moments a tangled grayish brown ball of fur rolls by as a couple of the wild rodents tuck and roll in an argument over a prized possession.

I hear the jaws of my kitty cat begin to chatter behind the screen as I watch these magnificent tiny creatures sort carefully through the grass tossing aside the unsavory fare until they find the nutritious seed of choice. Occasionally, a busy gatherer stops and looks up, sensing the piercing orange-eyed feline that might be an end the tasks purpose. He freezes momentarily, then shakes his somewhat founded fear aside, and continues on in his tenacity. Treasure once found, without hesitation the little guy runs with it, and stows it away deep in his winter stores.


I smile, roll out my mat, find a child’s pose and fall into my breath. As the squirrels continue to chatter and gather the energy that feeds them and sustains them through the difficult months, they serenade me with a thought….


“How do I gather my seeds?”

“Do I have room in my nest?”“

 “How and what do I gather and pull into my nest….my soul, my mind, my body and nervous system? Will it feed me?”

“Will it and does it sustain me through the coldest night and darkest hour?”

“Do I make room for the tastiest morsels?”

“Do I choose the nuts that allow me a warm winter banquet, or do I find myself freezing, hungrily spitting out a badly chosen seed?”

“Do I gather in fear as I wait for orange eyes to pounce?”

 “Do I bite and claw my fellow beings over a single tasty morsel?”

“Do I smile, play, and chatter in joy as I gather?”


 I breathe more deeply, fall into my practice, and tingle as the warm autumn sun begins to warm my skin. I gather my soul and begin to make space.

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