In the ever-expanding world of yoga practices, meditation, religious beliefs, self-help, psychology, and quantum physics, as creative humans being we are constantly searching for the meaning and the power of our intentions, our purpose, our causal force. It seems, that with all of the attention around this buzzword…….. INTENTION!...... and the apparent power of it, ……that we might take a moment…. Stop….. and ask the questions….



      What is intention?


How does intention work?


      How do we find our intentions?


     How do we choose intention?


 How do we be in intention?


How do we manifest intention as reality?








  READ ON!!!!






Intention is energy. Like everything else in the universe, tangible or intangible, intention is merely energy. Now as we know from Newtonian physics and quantum physics, energy is neither created nor destroyed; energy is! Energy is constantly expanding and collapsing, changing form in instantaneous transformation. Intention is simply a speck of energy, an energetic possibility that we attract……until… we intend to move it through our human being to create the causal energy of our reality. Intention is the energy of our subconscious feeling and knowing, the cause and effect of our soulful and physical existence.




Aware or unaware we are, through our breath and subconscious nervous system, constantly instantaneously choosing our intentional reality in every less than a second. The power of intention lies in our ability to consciously attract, recognize, choose our intentional energy, and successfully manifest it through our human being.





According to the laws of attraction, “like energy attracts like energy”. This means you attract the intentional energetic possibility that you are being. How you are being energetically as a human, both consciously and subconsciously, determines the amount and type of energetic intentional possibilities that are available to you…..

How you are “being” thus determines what you intend, and the power of it. This power is not determined by how you cognitively perceive and think you are being, but by the subconscious/ sometimes conscious neurological energy that you are.




 If whatever you are determines the possibilities of what you attract and what you choose; how do you actually choose from these available possibilities and get in the intention you desire?


We choose and “decide to intend” through the energetic patterning and “being” of our subconscious nervous system. Our subconscious nervous system actually controls our thoughts and cognitive choice!


Here is the incredible thing!......


 If the subconscious nervous system is energetically clear of interference, and in alignment with clear, subconsciously/ sometimes consciously desired intentional possibility; we attract the intentional possibility that we want, and have the opportunity to choose to move it through our human being and make it reality.


If the subconscious causal nervous system is confused or not in alignment with the cognitively desired intention; we will subconsciously attract confusion and intentional possibilities that interfere with our cognitively desired intention. We will literally pull a blob of confused and unwanted energetic possibilities towards us, and clog our human being with chaos. Subconsciously, we will choose to intend and manifest confused or undesired intentions…. even if our cognitive mind perceives that intention is clear. This, in turn, eventually leaves us lost, frustrated, and energetically confused about what we manifest and what we really desire.


Ultimately, we attract and choose the intentions that are in energetic alignment with our subconscious nervous system.


                                 INTENTION REQUIRES RELEASE


One of the biggest myths about intention is that if we “hold” it and “think” about it enough, with the “right mindset” we can make it reality. In energetic actuality, intention is all about release. Energetically, as we know from quantum physics, everything in our universe is in a state of constant expansion and collapse. Transformative energy, including our intentions, must expand as possibilities, and release through us to become reality.


 Transformation requires engagement in and movement of intention. We cannot hold intention; we can only allow it to release through us.


 As we try to hold or force intention into being, we literally stop the flow of transformative power in its tracks. Not only do we prohibit desired intentional energy from moving through us, the held energy of our held intention attracts held energy. Instantaneously, in our efforts to grab our intention and make it happen, we decrease the possibility of its clarity and its chances of ever moving through us and manifesting as reality.


If, the subconscious/sometimes conscious energy of our nervous system and being are in release, we create a clear pathway for chosen intentional energy to move through us. When we are feeling and being in intention instead of trying and holding intention in our cognitive thoughts; our chosen intentional possibilities flow easily around us and through our human systems. It is then quite simple to feel clarity, access soulfully desired possibility, and move it freely though our human being.




My favorite example of this is the guy who soulfully desires to start running. He is in the mindset of running all day while he is at work, and plans to take his run right when he gets home. He arrives at home feeling a bit tired, and unconsciously sits himself down on the couch. He sits on the couch soulfully mindfully intending to go for a five mile run, and yet instead; somehow he finds himself making the five second walk to the kitchen for a beer….only to find himself back on the couch drinking a beer while dreaming that he is running.


Somewhere in his mind or body, he really wants to go for that run, but his true causal subconscious intention of his being is to stay on the couch and drink beer….. and so, there he is on the couch…..a result of his subconscious intentional energy. As much as his cognitive and even soulful intention may be to feel himself running, the causal intentional energy of his subconscious nervous system and physical body leaves him immobilized on the couch. His intentional pathway is blocked.


Ultimately, the subconscious nervous system must “release into”, align with, and accept soulfully desired intentions to manifest them as reality.





Fortunately and unfortunately, the answer of being in desired intention is quite simple….so simple that many people have difficulty accepting it!


FACT: You are alive because you breathe!


FACT: Your breath controls your subconscious and conscious nervous system, which control everything you think, say, do or experience!


FACT: Your breath controls the energy of your subconscious nervous system, which controls if and how you BE in intention!


If the breath allows the nervous system to be in release, and we subconsciously/sometimes consciously allow ourselves to know and feel our intentions physically, mentally, and neurologically; we are BEING IN INTENTION!





Our intentions manifest as chosen transformative reality when we are attracting, choosing, and being soulfully desired intention, while simultaneously existing in the expansive possibility that our intention of choice is possible to manifest.


Not only must we BE desired intention in our breath and nervous system, we must be, feel and know subconsciously/ sometimes consciously, that manifestation itself is possible! We must exist in breathe in expansive transformative possibility!




Here are a few key practices that will help you utilize the power of intention to create desired transformative change in your physical body and life!…….


1.   BREATHE!....Take in big expansive inhales, release fully in exhalation and then FEEL your soulfully desired intention!


2.   NOTICE how you are feeling and being and the intentional energy you attract!


3.   RELEASE from holding intentional ideas in your breath and mind…. feel, exhale, and release into them instead.


4.   BE in feeling, moving, and experiencing….. Not in making, doing or trying!


5.   BE energetically the intention you wish to manifest!


6.   KNOW on a subconscious and conscious level that you, through the power of your BEING, have the power to attract and manifest your desired intentional reality!!!!

7. NOTICE your soulfelt desired intentions becoming reality!!

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