Its not always easy to really feel thankful! Many times, as humans being, we don’t even see or feel the purpose of being in gratitude!

Like it or not, on some level, our nervous systems and thoughts are operating in the realm of “enough or not enough” in every given instant. Its no wonder that sometimes its quite difficult for humans to actually feel and be in gratitude and contentment.

 Feeling < grateful! No worries!

 Fortunately and unfortunately, this constant dichotomy of “half full half empty” can be blamed, to a certain degree, on the mechanics of the human nervous system.

 As humans being, we are neurologically wired to constantly be subconsciously and consciously aware of “less or more”, and “enough or not enough”. This innate subconsciously driven perceptive awareness of energetic quantity and type that we engage in and through our human systems is completely necessary for our survival!  Without it  we would perish! The perception of > or <  allows us to constantly transform, adapt, and change our humans being and lives. For survival purposes, we must, as humans, be aware of what we have and what we don’t have…therefore, the glass literally is, perceptively, always “half full or half empty”. The perceptive sense and cognitive mind cannot escape it!....

So how do we find and BE in gratitude if we are constantly reminded by our mind that our life is half empty???.....

And, for that matter, what is gratitude anyway....and why is it so important?....






Gratitude, like everything in the universe, is a form of energy. Just like every thing else in the world; the sky, the trees, our bodies, our thoughts; the feeling of gratitude is energy, and the energy of gratitude is causal.

Gratitude, in the human condition, is the causal subconscious energetic feeling and knowing in our nervous system that we are enough and have enough. In its greatest form, gratitude is the subconscious feeling and knowing that we are abundance and we exist in abundance.

 Contrary to popular belief, gratitude itself has little to do with our cognitive perception of the “full or empty” state of our physical existence or our life. Gratitude is all about how we are feeling and BEING energetically IN our perception of “half full or half empty”.

These deep subconscious/sometimes conscious feelings of gratitude are an extremely powerful transformative tool in our human bodies and lives. The energy of gratitude that we emit from our humans being is causal of the abundance we receive! Here are some gratitude basics to empower you on your life path.






1.    True Gratitude is a deep, soulful sensation in the subconscious/sometimes conscious nervous system that feels good. Deep feelings of contentment, the subconscious feeling and knowing that we are and have enough causes our breath to relax and our subconscious nervous system to be in release. As we exist and be in release and thankfulness, we feel good, open, powerful, and free in our humans being.


2.    Gratitude is not a cognitive idea or a thought. We cannot think ourselves into being thankful! While the power of our cognitive mind may lead us to breathe and eventually feel and energetically be intrue thankfulness, gratitude itself is not a mindset or thought. Gratitude is a subconscious/sometimes conscious feeling and knowing in our breath, nervous system, and being.




 Just as all energy is causal according to Newtonian physics, quantum physics, and Buddhism, the energy of gratitude that we are being in and emitting from our humans being is causal of us, and also causal of the energy we attract in quantity and type.


    Our subconscious feeling and knowing,...... how we are being energetically in our breath and nervous system

is the causal energy that dictates what we attract.


1.    If we feel and know that we are and have enough, we attract more of “enough”. The more we are energetically being in abundance, to more abundance we attract.


2.    If we feel and be in we are not enough, and do not have enough, we attract the possibilities of not being enough and not having enough. We attract less abundance to us.


   Gratitude for what we have, even if it is not necessarily what we want, opens space for us to attract more of what we want to us.


1.    If, on a subconscious neurological level we accept and embrace what we have (whether we like it or not), we can release our focus from what we have, and allow ourselves energetically to focus on that which we would like to be and have. We then attract more of what we soulfully desire.


2.   If we focus our energetic being on what we don’t want and what we don’t have; we get less of everything and more of what we don’t want as we emit “don’t want don’t have” energetically and thus attract it to us. The more we exist in “don’t have and don’t want”, the less space we have for the expansive possibilities of what we want.






 Being and existing in the realm of gratitude is a powerful transformative tool for all humans being. Not only do we “feel” better when we exist in the energetic realm of gratitude, WE ACTUALLY TRANSFORM OUR BODIES AND OUR LIVES BY SIMPLY BEING IN THANKFULNESS!

The next time you are wondering if being in gratitude is “worth it”, review these life- altering laws of gratitude!!


1.    Gratitude makes you feel good!


2.    Gratitude releases your breath and nervous system, creating free and open neurological pathways in the body and mind. This allows the possibility for neurological reprogramming and transformative possibility in your physical body and life!


3.    Gratitude ..... subconsciously feeling and knowing you have enough attracts abundance!


4. Gratitude is found in how you are BEING in "half full half empty"!


5.    Being in gratitude leaves space for and attracts the possibilities of what you soulfully want!


6.    Being in gratitude allows you to engage in and access what you want and need in your body and life!


7.    Being and feeling thankful for what you have allows you to leave behind what you don’t want!


8.    The energy you emit by being in gratitude inspires others to live and be in thankfulness. Your gratitude creates the energy of abundance makes the world a better place!!!

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