I cannot count the times that I have been strolling though the market checking out the produce, and I see a familiar face give me a deer in the headlights look…. as if he or she would love to dive underneath the butternut squash or spinach. This reaction only seems to last for a split moment, and then the friendly face surfaces, and nervously sputters…


”I’ve been meaning to make it to class….I just haven’t quite…I was going to come last Tuesday, but I didn’t quite….I didn’t quite make it! I am so busy…. really producing a lot…. but really, I do really miss the yoga, I’ve fallen out, and I’m so stiff, and not right… no not quite right….”…


And it goes on and on, until I stop this self -punishing being in his or her crazy frenzy of explanation by simply saying,“No worries…. Life happens, … is happening… You’ll fall back in when the time comes.” I then abruptly change the subject to the beautiful organic beets in the produce section or what an awesome sunset we had yesterday.


On the car ride home from the store, I chew on a celery stalk and grow feelings of guilt (maybe a result of my catholic upbringing). I ask myself… “Am I really so threatening that people feel the urge to dive under the nearest vegetable at the mere sight of me? I think I was smiling! I thought I was a nice kind yoga teacher…. maybe not? Am I producing fear and expectation in my students that leads to yoga fallout? Maybe I need to rethink my being. What am I producing?”


And as I rethink being in the produce section, I keep coming back to the same question…. “What exactly does it mean to “fall out of yoga” and why is there so much production of guilt associated with this yoga fallout? Yes…. The tapas, the commitment and discipline are important, but what of this commitment to yoga practice if it produces disempowerment and torture of the soul?

 Is this “commitment to yoga practice” the intention to make it to yoga class, approval from the yoga teacher, the check mark on the planner that yoga class was accomplished, or; Is commitment to yoga practice simply the soulful desire to be in the practice of yoga?


So…. here are a few thoughts for gilt ridden yoga teachers and yogis bound in the trenches of produce fighting for the time and space to “practice”………


1. Yogis...Your yoga teachers love you and love to see you being in the practice yoga, even if you do not attend their class! They just want to see you producing in health and happiness!

Yoga Teachers....Quit wondering if your class is enough!! Yoga fallout rarely has anything to do with what you are producing! If it feels like it's about your produce, ask your students directly if there are some veggies they need that you have been missing!...You may find a new fruit!

2. Every moment that you breathe is an opportunity to be in yoga practice…. and, if in your yoga fallout you are too busy to make it to class, or be the "teacher of your dreams"... this simply means you just have even more LIFEYOGA opportunities to fall back into your practice.... more juicy produce for the great garden salad of class.

Yoga teachers....this means that while we encourage our students to make it to class, the long term goal for any yogi is to BE in yoga in the class of life! Encourage your students to practice the LIFEYOGA that will eventually bring them back to your asana class!

3. Yogis...Asana is a tool to move the soul through the breath through the body out into the world! Two hours of focused asana is great but…..Ten deep soulful breaths in Childs pose will produce greater benefits than ten seconds holding your breath producing frustration that you didn’t quite make it to class...

Yoga teachers....ask yourself and your students..."What IS yoga practice really?"....."What does discipline mean??" ..Am I falling out of life??. "What good is the best produce in the world if I can't take a bite of it?"

4. Famous last words…. Fallout ……..Fall in? …..  Produce? All a moment’s perception! Its only yoga! Breathe freely with your vegetables! Chew on an organic beet!....Notice how it can be sweeter than fruit.

YOGIS..... No worries! No guilt! Keep producing the LIFEYOGA and it will lead you back to class!

TEACHERS....No worries! No guilt! Keep producing the LIFEYOGA, and your students will flow back to your  stand in hords!



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