BE YOUR XMAS PRESENT—5 Tools for The Holidays!

Here it comes! In that first waking moment…already….adrenalin rushing….Can you do it?....Get it done?...Will you remember the extra tomatoes and that scarf that you forgot to pick up yesterday?

You jump out of bed and just before you step through the shower door you realize…its that day…

THAT DAY already??  The day the in-laws arrive! Oh the dread, the anxiety that crawls in your head…. In an instant, you tell yourself that it is all o.k.,… a gift to have family, especially during the holidays; and yet, the suffocating feeling still squeezes your neck as the warm water rolls over it….

Oh…. You almost forgot that you get to stand in that mile long line at the mall so you can get the stuffed rat for your nephew…sooo annoying! Why didn’t you do that one earlier…duhh??....but that’s ok, you whisper to yourself as you scrub, towel dry and head for the kitchen…You’d do anything for that sweet little boy……

He is nothing like your mother in law!....Your teeth grind and fists clench just thinking about it….How she stands over you…really on you, and tells you exactly how to cook the entire Christmas dinner that YOU agreed to so graciously cook…It makes you so mad...Why did you say you’d do that….EVERY YEAR???...

You take a breath, tell yourself to find gratitude….After all, she is the mother of the father of your children, and it is the holidays…

Hmmm….it sounds good…it should be all good….THEN WHY DOESN’T IT FEEL GOOD???...Why do you feel like you want to run far far away, when all you want to do is be present and have a good time……


The good news is that the holidays are a perfect moment to moment opportunity to test our practices of LIFEYOGA, and learn to be a gift to ourselves and our loved ones by BEING OUR OWN PRESENT!

 As always in LIFEYOGA, we are seeking transformation from the inside out; through the tools of the deeper layers of the breath and subconscious nervous system.

 Here are 5 WAYS TO GIVE YOURSELF THE PRESENT OF BEING PRESENT IN CONSCIOUS CHOICE during the perceptively stressful moments of the holiday season….

Happy practice!!!




Yes! Everyone always says “just take a deep breath”, and it is great to remember to take that deep inhale exhale and cognitively know that you are breathing….but did you feel it???…

Really feel it???

 Just taking that split 2 or 3 seconds to completely bask in the feeling and sensation of your breath not only tells you how stressed you have been being…..

Allowing yourself to stop and feel what it feels like to breathe calms the nervous system and pulls you into the moment!



Impatient….anxious…..apprehension and dread….????


Feel your breath….

  And then…FALL INTO CENTER!! Allow the release of the exhalation to fall into the center energy of the pelvis and gently engage your pelvic floor (perineum, or mula-bhanda).

The release into and engagement from the fulcrum of the pelvis tells your subconscious nervous system and human being that everything is as it should be, and there is nothing to fear!



 Frustrated?..... Annoyed?


Feel your breath, release exhalation into the fulcrum of your pelvis and engage your pelvic floor…..

And then GROUND YOUR FEET!…. Send the energy from your pelvis down to your feet. Begin to feel the sensation of the flesh of your feet, and ground them deep into the earth. Bask in the connection of your rooted causal self as ricochet fresh, grounded energy up through your grabbing brain.

Grounding of your energy through your feet to your head, and attention to the sensation of the flesh of your feet tells your causal subconscious nervous system that you live in established personal space and have the power to change your perception in any instant!


Angry?...Beyond mad?...Ready to kill or cry????


Feel your breath, release into and engage your pelvis floor, ground the energy through your feet, ricochet it back up through your arms and head and….

 OPEN YOUR HANDS!! Real craziness calls for drastic measures! Breathe, center, ground, and feel yourself passionately sending all the anger, angst, and tears out through the flesh of your palms and the ends of your fingers….

Clearing space for the more productive emotions of patience, love and gratitude to enter in to your human being!

Opening your hands, and feeling sensation of energy moving through and out through the flesh of your palms and fingers tells your subconscious nervous system to release from holding. Opening your hands opens your nervous system.  As you feel your palms tingle as they release the rage, the gripping urge to kill and cry flies out from your fingertips and opens the space for new attitudes and possibilities! It is literally almost impossible to remain angry while focusing on the sensation of your open hands and fingers!


Can’t seem to maintain it???... Can’t keep your cool??


Feel your breath, feel your grounded center, and then…..

TRANSFER YOUR ENERGY SIDEWAYS!! That’s right! Feel your body, head and ears melting out into the lateral plane! Forget about forwards and backwards and be and feel wide!....And notice how you are now RIGHT HERE! PRESENT!

As humans being, we tend to focus perceptively on the front space (where we are going), or the back space (where we have been). LATERAL SPACE brings us perceptively present and into the now! As we focus on the side space, our subconscious nervous system releases us from the feeling that we need to be anywhere else but right where we are….. here….in the present…..a present to the now!!!

Please try these tools, and let me know how it works!

Happy Holidays!



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