You write with them, you type with them, you grab with them, you hold with them. You give your hand in friendship, and clench your fists in anger. Every breath you take, every move you make, every thought you think, and emotion you feel; your hands are a part of you and doing something. In fact, your hands, sensitive things that they are, may be crying to your nervous system and telling you what to do and how to be

Sound crazy?

The reality is that your hands (especially fingers and flesh of the palms) and your feet (toes and flesh of the feet more so), are the perceptive end of the line as far as your nervous system is concerned.  This means that neurologically, the hands are one of the first places to take “energy in”, and one of the last places to let “energy out” of the body and being.

 What does this mean?

Notice your hands the next time you are angry, depressed, anxious, or frustrated. You will notice tension in the palms and fingers, and in the worst case, closed fists and tension all the way through the arms up into the shoulders. When you as a human being fall out of balance and center, both literally and spiritually, you grab energy from the outer world and the outer parts of you and pull it into yourself. As you cling into yourself in fear, anxiety, sadness and anger, your nervous system tells you to draw in and protect. This pretty much, subconsciously, automatically, makes you close your hands. So what’s so bad about closed hands? Nothing if you are swinging happily on the monkey bars!

But get this! Once the hands are closed, they tell the nervous system that it is closed, and the nervous system won’t let any of that anxiety, fear, depression, frustration of anger out. Your mind may tell your nervous system you’re o.k., but in physical reality you are really still holding all that yucky stuff in.

This causes two things. One, you keep the tension in and experience excruciating shoulder and neck tension, T.M.J., carple tunnel syndrome, amongst many disorders. Or two; even worse, your nervous system may become so over stimulated by this constant stress and tension in the hands and forearms, that the hands and fingers feel disconnected from the rest of the body, and unless they are engaged in a “hand motor task” they become energetically limp and lifeless.

However, there is good news! 


Because your hands are yours, they are connected to YOU, and you and your hands are powerful. You can change these destructive holding patterns simply by a deep inhale, a released exhale and the opening of your hands. You can actually use the opening of your hands to neurologically change your emotional state and the stress in your body.


Try this the next time you are angry, frustrated, sad, depressed or anxious. Take a deep inhale, release your exhale, relax your shoulders. Feel your low belly pull back, your perineum engage, feel the flesh of your feet ground, send energy from the inner heels up through the center of the body and open your hands. Leave the paws open and take a few more breaths of the same until you feel the sensation of your grounded centered power move out through your palms and fingernails.( this works really well if you can put your hands on a desk or a solid surface). Notice the difference!

Have some fun with it, and let me know how it goes!




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