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Everybody loves it! That great feeling of that deep breath….the expanse of the inhale… the subconscious feeling of endless possibility as we open our lungs and our being…not to mention the incredible oxygen high and energy recharge,….



How did THAT happen??? How did that instinctive urge to inhale seem to clog the space?? How is it that the very action of drawing in the breath of life-force can cause us to feel limited….stiffled….anxious…and sometimes panicky????...


While inhalation is expansive, sumptuous, and necessary…the reality is that exhalation, the full release of the breath is just as important….if not more important than drawing in that big deep breath….


Inhalation expands the lungs, draws energy and oxygen into the body, and opens and stimulates the nervous system.

Exhalation expels carbon dioxide, releases the nervous system, and allows the benefits of inhalation to travel freely through the systems of the body and mind…..

If we do not release fully in exhalation……we hold onto a bit  (or a lot) of the toxins and stimulation from the previous inhalation…

WHAT THIS DOES… is limit the power, space, and benefits of that luscious deep breath. As we fail to release fully in exhalation, we retain that bit of gunk and tension from the previous inhalation, and this reduces the physical and neurological space for expansion of the following inhale. Over time, as we fail to fully release the breath and nervous system in every subsequent exhale, the space to draw in expansive possibility and oxygen in inhalation becomes continually decreased. The breath then becomes shallow and “held”….sometimes to the degree that we no longer even “know how” to take in a deep breath. We feel overwhelmed, trapped, and stressed out….sometimes to the point of anxiety.

AND OF COURSE…because we are alive because we breathe, and the breath controls the nervous system….If we have tension and holding in the breath, we have tension and holding in the nervous system, subconsciously, and sometimes consciously. Because the subconscious nervous system controls our skeletal stabilization, bodily functions, movement, thoughts, and ultimately our perceptions and life experiences; holding and tension in the breath and subconscious nervous system limits not only our abilities to move freely in our bodies and thoughts, it limits transformative choice and manifestive power in our bodies and lives….

THE GOOD NEWS IS……As we learn to fully release in exhalation, and in that less than a second, move and be from this place of release, the subconscious nervous system becomes open and malleable. This full release of the breath and the subconscious nervous system allows the opportunity for a new movement pattern, thought pattern, or behavioral pattern to move through our human being and become transformative reality…..

BUT WAIT! THERE IS MORE…. As we know from quantum physics and causal energy research, the energy of the universe is in a constant state of expansion and collapse…or opening and release. All energy is causal, and like energy attracts like energy. As humans being, we are energy, simply part of the universe, so we too, are in a constant state of expansion, collapse, and causality…in fact, our breath is a macrocosm of this energetic state. As we fail to expand and release our breath freely, the holding patterns in our breath and nervous system actually move against the flow of universal energy, limiting access to possibility in our bodies and lives! CRAZY STUFF….yet nonetheless…scientifically valid…..

THE BEST NEWS IS……Every breath we take as a living being on this earth is not only an opportunity to exist….each breath is an opportunity to choose what, how much, and how we move energy and possibility through our human being! Deep expansive inhales, and fully released exhales allow us to take in endless possibility and release into transformative choice….

If nothing else, a great reason to take a deep breath in…release ALL of it out….and THEN MOVE!!!!           

Happy exhale….



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