The holidays are awesome!

However perceptively stressful the gift of being on the earth in these few special weeks may seem, the holidays are a perfect opportunity to delve deeper into your LIFEYOGA practice, and experience some amazing transformations. Let me explain…..


“Right”, you say…


"Amazing transformations! Sure thing! …. Let me just stop right here between my kids screaming Santa, the five Christmas parties I must attend in the next two days,… not to mention the six batches of cookies to be baked after midnight and just bounce right into a deep breath and a soulful forward bend as I watch the cat climb the Christmas tree that just took me five hours to decorate! Even if I could take a deep breath and say “ohm” I can’t balance anyway right now…. I’m still hung over from the two martinis and six eggnogs I drank last night!” …..


 But really…. the crazier the life is, the richer is the LIFEYOGA. The gifts that the holidays bring you are those of love, abundance, humility, acceptance, gratitude, loss of time, expanded intention, crazy and challenging postures, endless opportunities for deep breathing, patience, awareness; and most importantly, countless moments to experience complete loss of ego! These are all more amazing than the cat gnawing on the Christmas tree star!

Here are a few ways to practice LIFEYOGA during the holidays and share the love!


1.   Glide through traffic and crowds in “Vinyasa Flow”, and experience equalization of energy as you gracefully move from posture to   posture.

 2. Discover the silent meditation hidden in a batch of Christmas cookies.

3.  Take a deep inhale, exhale and spread your fingers and toes as you practice     ahimsa, non-violence and admire the abundance of energy created by the collision of small children and a thousand candy canes!

4.  Smile and sing an empowering mantra to yourself as your family does what it does

5.  Take three deep breaths between cocktails and cookies, and choose your next one in awareness and non-judgment.

6.  Notice the soulful union of your cat and the Christmas tree, and selflessly admire his vriksasana!

7.  Practice expansion, release, timelessness and balancing postures as you wait in the endless shopping line. 

8.  FEEL gratitude for all that is!

9.  KNOW that you are and have enough.

10. BE the holiday transformation that inspires the world, and share the love!


Once again this year, I would love to share the love with you in the best way that I know.....the gift of an extra special extra private yoga session! Click here to grab one or share the love with a friend, and give to a child in need!

Happy holidays!

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