Just the other day I was sitting at my computer writing a blog and editing a video for you guys on center energy and how it relates to release and opening in the pelvis...

I clicked over to facebook for a moment… like we all do…and I noticed a conversation amongst a bunch of friends who are in the fitness industry.

They were all talking about their difficulties with balance; in particular, the difficulties that they were having with a new yoga balance video. Comments ranged from….

 “My balance is horrible!” to…

 ”It’s so hard I was sweating!” to…

“I had to grab the wall!” to…

“I couldn’t hold it at all!” to…

“What a great workout!”


Me being me… 

I of course entered the conversation, and offered my two cents worth about balance, balancing, and the energy of how “balancing postures” work. I came to realize through this interaction that so many of us humans perceive balance, in a yoga postures and life as something that we achieve….something that we get….something that we have and hold. I came to understand that although many people seem find some degree of balance in their physical structures and lives, most of us don’t truly understand what balance actually is and how it works…..

As in any “problem” in this case, the “problem of balancing”, in LIFEYOGA we seek to transform momentary problems into solutions from the source; by delving deep to discover and understand the root of causal energy of the issue at hand, and unwind it into transformation from the inside out!

Here are some insights, realities, mechanics, and practices of


 I hope that you find them helpful, and with practice you find yourself BEING IN BALANCE in your yoga postures and life!



#1.Expansion from and release into center is HOW THE BALANCE OF THE UNIVERSE WORKS. The universe is constantly expanding from the inside out. This constant less than a second expansion from and collapse into center that is happening, happening, happening on a sub-atomic level is what creates the “balance of the universe”.

#2. Expansion from and release into center is HOW THE BALANCE OF HUMANS BEING WORKS!...  As part of universal energy, we too, as humans being, are designed, energetically and anatomically to expand and release from the center out. .

#3. BALANCE IS A VERB! ….Technically,  we are always in the action of  balancing. As part of the universe that is happening, happening, happening, the state of balance itself is in constant flux.

#4. BALANCE CANNOT BE GOTTEN, HELD, OR MAINTAINED!... Because the state of “balance” is in every less than a second constantly transforming, we never “get it”; we are only being in and experiencing it!



#1. YOUR BREATH CONTROLS YOUR ABILITY TO BE IN BALANCING…in your physical body and your life! As a human BEING…you are alive because you breathe…your breath controls your subconscious /sometimes conscious nervous system which controls everything about you.

#2. Inhalation opens and stimulates the nervous system.

#3. Exhalation releases the nervous system.

#4. If inhalation is held….for whatever reason…..the nervous system holds. Holding in the subconscious nervous system creates blocked energy and inefficient movement in kinesthetic patterning, skeletal stabilization, conscious movement and thought.

#5. If exhalation fails to release into energetic center, the subsequent expansion of energy out is compromised. Lack of center energy and engagement in center, limits our capacity to expand energy through our bodies and out into the world.

#6. The base of the pelvis…the fulcrum of the pelvis is the energetic center of humans being…. both psycho-energetically and anatomically.

#7. Balancing, our ability to balance, or how we are BEING IN BALANCE is determined by our ability to release the energy of the breath into of the fulcrum of the pelvis and manifest and expand it from center out through our human being.



#1. Inhalation fills from the base of the pelvis up, expanding body out in all directions! Breathing in from the pelvis up not only allows the lungs to fully expand…a full deep breath that spans the entire center of the body expands the body’s fascia and opens space in the nervous system to release sub conscious/sometimes conscious holding patterns.

#2. Exhalation releases from the top to bottom; chest to pelvis…releasing holding in the nervous system and upper body, and allowing center engagement in the fulcrum of the pelvis and grounding through the feet. Full release of the breath from the top down allows the energy of the breath to fully engage in the fulcrum of the pelvis. As the breath fully releases into center energy, the nervous system fully releases, allowing space for new neurological patterning to occur, and efficient subconscious stabilization and movement patterning through the kinesthetic chain and thought processes.

#3. As the expansion and release of the breath and nervous system into center energy becomes open, released, and efficient….BALANCING OCCURS. As the energy of center flows freely though our human, skeletal and mental stabilization occur,… and regardless of position, we expand effortlessly out into space. In every less than a second, as we expand and collapse into center, we move with the flow and balance of universal energy, and the universe now literally supports us and “holds us up!”

#4. Center energy of the human being is causal of balance of the human being! If center energy is causal of balancing, and balancing causes “balance”, it make zero sense to approach the balance in our physical bodies, yoga postures, or our lives from the outside in!



 #1. NOTICE YOUR BREATH!! Notice if you can take a full inhalation and release fully in exhalation. Notice the stressors…physical, emotional, which cause you to hold your breath. Notice if you can release the breath fully, engage in center, and then “act or think”.

#2. NOTICE WHAT CENTERED GROUNDED ENERGY FEELS LIKE!! Release from the external “idea” of what balance looks like…in your body, thoughts, yoga postures and life, and begin to be BEING IN what balancing feels like! Ultimately, that subconscious feeling and knowing of how we are balancing is the causal energy that keeps us “in balance”. If this means your balancing posture of the day is simply standing on two feet….so be it!

#3. LET GO! Resist the urge to “hold on” and balance yourself from the outside in! If you fall over…in your posture or life…YAY...its another chance to BE differently next breath! Its not what it looks like…. its WHAT IT IS! The less we “pull and hold in” from the outside, the more access we have to center balance!

#4. Every breath is a new opportunity to be balancing! We are alive because we breathe, and our breath controls our subconscious nervous system which controls all our conscious movement, thought, action, experience, and perception…as long as we are alive, every breath that we take is an opportunity for balancing and transformation….YAY!....just be it and have fun!!!


PLEASE TEST THIS STUFF AND LET ME KNOW HOW IT WORKS OUT FOR YOU! As always, I always love your comments, discussions, and feedback! Super smiles,


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