A few days back, after many hours spent wrestling with the plug and grounding issues with the family hot tub, quite exhausted from the cold, I fell promptly asleep with “energy outlet” on the brain.

I awoke at 4:13 am, crept out of bed, and fell into my hammock in foggy haze. As I rubbed my eyes and attempted to focus on the evening’s writing, I found my cloudy gaze fixated on the electrical outlet across the room. I noticed the nuances and texture of the plastic outlet cover. I noticed how the sturdy plug fed into the socket like a glove, powerful…grounded. My tired eyes then followed the graceful line of cable that led to the switch; that switch that had miraculously, a few moments ago with the gentle aid of my fingers, allowed the soft light of my favorite lamp to fade into the room....

“No grounding issue here apparently”, I thought thankfully…”nothing like the hot tub.”

 I closed my eyes and smiled, imagining the path of energy as it moved effortlessly from the source through the outlet into the plug and out through the cord of wires to produce the end result of full, warm light.

Somewhere in the daze of that moment, mesmerized by the energetic connection; the light bulb clicked on inside my head. Suddenly, I found my eyes wide open with purpose. I grabbed for my pen and paper…

“This is how it works,” I thought….

“This is HOW A HUMAN GROUNDS… just like a plug in light socket!”….

From these thoughts came these insights….I hope that you find them to be helpful...




 In all effective energy transfer, there must be a source. Just as the electricity is the source of energy for a lamp, the breath is ultimate source of energy for humans being. …In the rawest sense…. We are alive because we breathe…this breath controls our subconscious nervous system that energetically (quite literally) controls everything about us!! How we expand in inhalation and release in exhalation determines the wattage of our energy!



All energy transfer requires an energetic center; a fulcrum into which energy gathers and moves from. Just as the electrical outlet is the place from which electrical energy is gathered and sent; the fulcrum of the pelvis in the human body is the center that the energy of the breath is most efficiently gathered into and sent from. However the prana or energy of the breath is released in exhalation into the center fulcrum of the pelvis, determines how much and what type of energy is available to the conductors of the subconscious nervous system.



Energy must be “plugged in” to be connected and directed. Just as the prongs of the plug must connect to the outlet to ground and conduct electricity; the subconscious/sometimes conscious nervous system must be connected to breath and center energy in the pelvis to purposefully direct energy through the human being. However this connection “plugs in” and engages, determines how energy grounds and travels through the wiring of the human systems.



All kinetic energy (electrical, psycho-energetic, or kinesthetic) regardless of source must be grounded to be efficiently directed; the physical energy of our being must literally connect to the earth and physical world to create grounding. Energy, whether the electricity from an electrical outlet or the electrical impulses of the human brain and nervous system, must be grounded to move efficiently and purposefully…ungrounded energy flies about unattended, and moves sporadically with no clear direction.

In the human being, the energy of the breath must release in exhalation into the fulcrum of the pelvis, engage in center, literally ground through the feet (or contact with the earth), and travel back up through the medial line of the body in order to direct both anatomical and neurological energy efficiently.

When the energy of the breath is releaeed, centered and grounded, the subconscious nervous system releases, and allows a clear pathway for choice of both subconscious and conscious neurological firing…. ultimately, the choice of our skeletal stabilization, bodily functions, movement, thoughts, and actions.



Once plugged in and grounded, the flow of energy from the electrical outlet through the plug and wiring remains pretty consistent…. barring of course, any faulty wiring or alteration of source. Worst-case scenario, in the normal function of electricity is that the breaker “trips” and we simply hit “reset” and “normal function” through the outlet and its connections resumes!

In the human being, however, there exist many variables that may interfere with said grounded energy flow…. the worst culprits being extraneous undirected energy and the pre programmed messaging in the subconscious nervous system and cognitive thought and perception.

When the raw energy of the breath is not centered and grounded, not only does the subconscious nervous system perceive and operate in lack of center and directional flow…… the byproduct of extraneous undirected energy is left to run rampant and disrupt and clog the kinesthetic chain and flow of neurological firing of the human. This kinetic confusion makes it even more difficult to release the breath into center and “plug in” to grounded energy!

 Because we are human, and our being is a constant ebb and flow between our subconscious and conscious…. the “electric energy” and grounding of the subconscious nervous system can be “tripped out” and “ripped from center” by a plethora of conscious influences…. cognitive thoughts, perceptions, and life experience. Unfortunately, once tripped, the energy of the subconscious automatically reverts back to its original programming, productive or not…unless, of course, we consciously breathe, connect, and hit the “reset” button to a grounded state of being.



Just as our favorite lamp has a switch, as human beings, with every breath, have a choice of what and how to “turn on.” When we are grounded and plugged in, we choose how and when we manifest our energy…. We choose our transformation!


Contrary to popular belief, moment-to-moment grounding and centering of the human is not rocket science…. Just follow these simple instructions…

#1. FEEL yourself take a deep breath in!

#2. Allow yourself FULLY release in exhalation and feel awareness of energy in your pelvis and pelvic floor!

#3. BEFORE YOU INHALE AGAIN…. Send the energy from the pelvis down THROUGH the flesh of your feet, and feel it connect back up through your inner thighs, to pelvis… through the front of your spine and out through your head!

#4. Notice the sensation and repeat!

#5. Once you are being in the sensation of grounding, allow the center energy of the medial line of the body to expand outward through the skin in all directions. The feeling of this opens pathways of choice in the subconscious neurological system!


1.  DO NOT FOCUS ON YOUR FEET... When you do this, you are not grounding; you are simply focusing on your feet! Focus on the feeling of energy releasing and moving through your feet.

2. DO NOT TRY TO GROUND YOURSELF WITH YOUR HEAD...You cannot “think” yourself grounded! Grounding requires release into sensation…. which requires full release of upper body tension, distracting thoughts, and controlling perceptions! Release your jaws, your neck, your skin…. And open your hands to release extraneous energy through!

3.     Ultimately, centering and grounding of your human is a subconscious, second to second process. As we consciously become aware of how we are “being plugged in”, our conscious choice to exist in this grounded state of being eventually becomes the reset pattern of our subconscious. We become centered and grounded!


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