Meet Lynne

 Hi! I’m Lynne! I live here in the beautiful mountains of Lake Tahoe California. I love the trees, the sky, the water, the beach, the snow! I love my family, my friends, and all souls of the universe!  l welcome challenge, I  bless failure!  I revel in success, swim in creativity, and dive into each moment of life in complete trust and gratitude! I love life! I love yoga!  I live in LIFE YOGA! Let me explain…..

   As a child, I was an extremely active and creative being. As all of us do as children, I ran, I played, and constantly tested and discovered the abilities of my physical body and mind. My back always hurt me a little bit, but my family and I thought nothing of it really. We chalked it up to growing pains. At the age of ten, however, my back began to look a little funny, so I went in to the doctor for a checkup. On that day, in that moment, my life as I knew it was drastically altered. I was told that I had severe scoliosis, curvature of the spine, a genetic defective growth pattern. The severity of it was such that the doctors told me I may eventually be crippled, deformed, and unable to bear children if I did not partake in their solution of the day…..complete spinal fusion.

  As you can well imagine, I was just a little bit freaked out….no really freaked out. Terrified! I did not want anyone cutting into my precious flesh, much less caging my active body in a body cast for a year. I begged my parents to find other doctors, and finally I found a doctor that would negotiate. I worked out a compromise…..full body braces twenty two hours a day, as long as my back did not get any worse. One degree more curve….I had to have the surgery.

    And so, at the age of ten, I began my focused transformation. My own childhood intuition led me to feel and believe that all the doctors and the braces in the world would not save me. This was my body, my vessel to move around in this world, and only I possessed the power to change it.

   So, by myself, I spent time in front of the bathroom mirror every day…inhaling, exhaling, focusing my intention, manifesting my energy, and lengthening my spine to the best of my ability. I believed my spine was straight. I created transformation of my being through my soulful intention to facilitate change. At age ten, I felt the power of yoga, the power of the laws of attraction, the power of collective consciousness, and the soulful intuition that I created my own reality.

The doctors were stunned. Not only did I not progress in their perception of my doomful situation, I actually improved and lengthened my spine so much they could find no explanation for my transformation. By the time I was eighteen, I was brace free…..dancing, practicing yoga, climbing mountains, and singing to my heart’s content. I had discovered and experienced Expansion, Intention, Manifestation of Energy into Being. I was living in LIFE YOGA. I had yet to define it.

  And as a result of my childhood transformational experience, I had developed a passionate interest in all things soulful and energetic. I studied, created, and performed music and dance. I read any philosophy book that I could find. I practiced yoga proper, as many different schools and types that I could discover. I dug deep into the world of anatomy and kinesiology, movement science, and quantum physics. I studied and talked with as many brilliant minds and bodies that I could find. I was a rock star for a day…no actually a few years, and my x rays reached the orthopedic hall of fame! I received degrees in music composition, dance, and humanities…a few yoga certifications, and eventually began work as a music professor, yoga teacher, and yoga therapist.

A few years ago, as I was developing the LIFE YOGA YSI 650 hour teacher training, I discovered that my true gift in and to world was the experience of my youth, and my ability to teach others how to be in transformation; how to choose and manifest their soulfully desired realities. I found that the practice of yoga proper seemed unattainable, inaccessible to many beings in this world, and I wanted to find a way to bring the transformative properties of yoga and expansion theories to the masses in a way that they could digest it, and apply it…be in yoga in their lives.

The entity and practices of LIFE YOGA were developed as tools:  a means of transferring soulful intention from the inside out….through the physical body and the physical world, through the perceptive sense, and out into collective consciousness. Through LIFE YOGA, we create the soulful transformations of the individual that manifest in collective global change. We create our world!

So yeah…..that is a pretty big endeavor to bite off, but what can I say? I’m totally up for it! What else am I going to do in this world besides live large, love my family and my little girl Desiree`, play at the beach, ski in the snow, and travel the world? Anything is possible! I just breathe it!

Many Smiles...