The practice of LIFEYOGA inspires the individual to be in life in strength, flexibility, balance, creativity, and focused positive intention towards self and mankind...

The most “successful” small businesses and corporations are run by strong, flexible, balanced, executives and employees who passionately create and manifest positive, productive intention towards self and mankind.

Many individuals participating in corporate life today, both employees and executives, crave individual and collective transformation. The ideologies, methodologies, and sometimes rigid frameworks of corporate structure often leave its participants feeling parched and hungry for self expression, expansive thought, and soulful manifestation. Corporate executives are left with the frustrating task of inspiring and motivating employees who breathe apathy and physical and mental exhaustion. Corporate employees often find themselves feeling trapped; unable to facilitate change as they work to manifest a distant vision or corporate goal that they believe has little purpose or soulful intention.

LIFEYOGA corporate programs are here to help bridge this “soulful disconnect” between executives and employees, and inspire corporations to think and be in the world in a way that manifests positive world transformation as well as corporate success and abundance. Through the tools of the breath, the body, and LIFEYOGA philosophy and teaching tools, LIFEYOGA teaches both executives and employees to BE in a way that creates and manifests health, expansive thought and action, creativity, and soulful intention towards individual and group goals. Through customized experiential trainings, LIFEYOGA rewires the nervous systems of the corporate individual and corporate entity, breaking down the barriers that impede desired transformative action. Individuals can now soulfully align with the corporate vision that they have created. Corporations and small businesses now choose how they wish to soulfully manifest themselves in the world, creating abundance for all.

LIFEYOGA offers corporate retreats, on site workshops, and customized sessions for corporate events. For a menu of corporate offerings, or questions regarding corporate programs, please email us