LIFEYOGA LEADERS was created to assist entrepreneurs, yogis and inspired humans in manifesting soulful, mindful abundance in the world.  The focus of this program is twofold:


One: We take the tools of LIFEYOGA into existing entrepreneurial programs, and aid successful and aspiring entrepreneurs in BEING who they need to be to bring change and abundance to the world in a positive soulful transformative manner. Through tools of the breath, the body, and thought provoking tools such as the “Wheel of Life”, LIFEYOGA Leaders students break through the perceptions and barriers that keep them from success, and acquire thought processes and ways of being that allow them to transform the material world into physical and spiritual abundance. LIFEYOGA offers customized individual and group intensive trainings and retreats that teach entrepreneurial individuals how to truly expand their ambitious intentions from the inside out; from the soul, through the body, and out into the world.  


Two: We create programs and sponsor existing programs that teach LIFEYOGA and entrepreneurial skills to disadvantaged populations. Through LIFEYOGA leaders fundraising projects, we work with yoga studios and community groups to raise funds for scholarships for disadvantaged children to participate in transformative entrepreneurial programs…Stay tuned and follow the blog for more information regarding these programs and how you can participate.


If you have questions or have an interest in participating in any of the LIFEYOGA Leaders programs, or know of a program that needs LIFEYOGA assistance, please contact us at