When the concept of LIFEYOGA began a few years back, I began creating what is today, the LIFEYOGA YSI 650 hour teacher training.  As I delved deeply into my twenty plus years of teaching and yoga practice to develop this training, I realized that while all the knowledge and traditions of yoga are necessary and valuable tools, what seemed to be the key ingredient in effective teaching was the way of thinking about and being in all the information of these tools, and the ability of a yogi or yoga teacher to bring this information to the world in a readily digestible form. I wanted to give LIFEYOGA teachers the tools and confidence to soulfully share all aspects of yoga practice with their students, as well as the freedom to develop their own teaching style according to their individual gifts as teachers. I greatly desired to create a training than taught teachers to be their own teachers; a training that utilized the knowledge of science, causal energy, philosophy, history and ethics as a means for constant expansion and growth; rather than a be all end all answer, or set dogma of teaching.

As I taught the "first two year round" of the training, I discovered the importance of immersion and intimate environment, and the absolute neccesity of one on one contact and mentorship with my students. I found that a small group of certification candidates who possesed complimentary strengths and weaknesses in knowledge base thrived in interaction with each other, and fostered and encouraged individual personal growth. Because of this, I now limit the number of certification candidates to 10 per session. This gives students the space, time, and connection neccessary to have their questions expolored and fully answered, and offers them the opportunity to bond with  and form lifelong teacher support systems and friendships with their peers.

 LIFEYOGA philosophy itself is rooted in expansive thought, being and creating transformation through soulful intention, and the science of breath, nervous system, and human anatomy. While the teacher training emphasizes the unique knowledge and system of LIFEYOGA BREATH AND ENERGY TRANSFER TECHNIQUES, causal energetic anatomy, and therapeutics; the teacher training is focused on integrative creative ways of thinking and being in teaching; rather than specific dogmas or styles of teaching. That being said, knowledge is power and choice. It is a given that a LIFEYOGA teacher training certification candidate must study hard and gain the factual knowledge necessary for the development of stellar and amazing teaching skills. This training is not for the faint of heart. It is intensive, and demands commitment and soulful dedication to self growth.  A certified LIFEYOGA teacher is required to have an extensive and comprehensive understanding of all aspects of yoga; historical, anatomical,energetic, and philosophical;  and is expected to make soulful, ethical, educated and appropriate decisions in his or her teaching. By the time a teacher training candidate fulfills the training requirement, teaching requirements, and passes assessment, he or she will be confident, competent, and passionately inspired to bring LIFEYOGA to the world in integrity and love.

Upon certification, LIFEYOGA teachers are given the opportunity to create and develop their own LIFEYOGA projects through the aid and support of the LIFEYOGA entity. LIFEYOGA encourages and supports its teachers to be out in the world discovering and manifesting new and innovative projects that bring yoga to the masses and facilitate individual and world transformation. LIFEYOGA teachers are encouraged to participate in the LIFEYOGA community, and constantly share and expand their knowledge of yoga.

LIFEYOGA YSI 650 HOUR TEACHER TRAINING is a registered Yoga Alliance 500 hour teacher training. Because of its expansive nature, the LIFEYOGA YSI 650 HOUR TEACHER TRAINING is constantly evolving and adapting to the needs of the students and the needs of the world. If you have any questions regarding the training or the philosophy of it, feel free to contact me at