LIFEYOGA YSI certification candidates must complete all requirements of the 650 hour teacher training.  Training requirements are as follows:

*Candidates must complete all of the required live training hours, and complete all of the required coursework with an assessment grade of no less than 85%. If a candidate has difficulty with this in any given subject area, he or she will be coached in whatever manner necessary to bring the work to an acceptable level.

* Candidates have a period of three years from the time of completion of the required modules to finish all coursework. teaching requirements, and pass assesment. We realize that "Life Happens"... therefore we offer this longer time period for certification; and yet, we strongly encourage students to certify as soon as possible after completion of the training.

* Candidates who enter the training with at least three years documented teaching experience, and 200 hours of teacher training or the equivalent, must complete 200 hours of teaching time during the training in addition to the teaching hours required in the training coursework.

*Candidates who enter the training with zero or less than three years documented teaching experience must, in addition to the teaching hours required by the training, complete 50 hours of documented assisted teaching during the training, 25 hours of documented unassisted teaching during the training, and 100 documented teaching hours after completion of the training to be eligible for assessment and certification.


All teacher training candidates must pass assessment before certification will be given. Students will be assessed on the practical use and knowledge of their coursework, their ability to in their own manner, successfully teach and apply LIFEYOGA foundations and philosophies, and on their soulful desire to bring, with love, LIFE YOGA to the world. Candidates will be assessed by Lynne Gardner, founder of LIFEYOGA, and two other senior LIFEYOGA teachers.

If, for any reason, a candidate fails assessment, he or she will be given the appropriate course of study, and have access to coaching by a senior LIFEYOGA teacher. The candidate may then, after three months time, apply for re assessment.


When the teacher training candidate has successfully completed all coursework, required hours of teaching, and passed assessment, LIFEYOGA will joyously grant the awesome teacher a LIFEYOGA Teacher Certification!