The LIFEYOGA Wheel of Life


  The Wheel of Life is a visual tool that was developed to assist individuals and groups in visualizing and manifesting expansive and transformative ways of being.



As users travel through the pathways of the Wheel of Life, from the soul through the physical body and world, and out into transformative collective consciousness, their experiential journey leads them to expand their perceptions of “how I am”, “how the world is”, and “what is possible”. The multi dimensional avenues of the Wheel, and the endless ways of connecting and moving through the tool allow the viewer to see and experience the blocks and barriers that prevent soulful transformation, and discover new pathways of being which support and manifest desired change.

  The Wheel of Life can be and has been used in various applications. Originally developed as a tool for the LIFEYOGA teacher training to aid teacher-training candidates in the understanding of LIFEYOGA philosophy, anatomical energetic analysis, and expansive thought and decision making, the Wheel of Life has also proved to be greatly beneficial in many facets of life education. Thus far, it has been successful as an aid in the discovery of personal transformation, health and wellness, business, and a plethora of educational trainings.

  The Wheel of Life has been utilized by physicians, therapists, chiropractors and body workers as a diagnostic tool; as well as a means of understanding the connections between the soul, the mind, and the nervous system as they relate to the manifestations and cures of pain and disease. It has also been used in the areas of health and wellness as a pathway to integrate and unify the ideologies of eastern and western medicines.

   This tool has been effective for corporate brainstorming and the development of business strategies. It offers the business and entrepreneurial worlds a transformative pathway that creates a framework for the opportunity to expand upon present ideas, and create new and ingenious ways to manifest abundance in the world.

   At LIFEYOGA, we use the Wheel of Life to train yoga teachers, and as an educational tool in all aspects of LIFEYOGA offerings. For more information regarding this tool and its uses, applications and benefits, or to get your own, contact


Please feel free to download this Wheel of Life and use and share it!